Workflow Tips for Freelance Workers

Summary: Freelance workers operate a bit differently than those with traditional office jobs. Setting up a workflow that works best for you can help you stay on top of your game.

Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. While traditional office jobs require employees to work at an office desk each day, freelance workers have a bit more flexibility. A video editor, for example, really only needs a strong computer to work. Taking that into consideration, a video editor can work nearly anywhere. Some workflow techniques can help you work better.

Dedicated Office

When a good portion of your work is spent working at home you should consider investing in a dedicated office. Getting in the flow of your work and being able to concentrate for hours at a time can make a huge difference in the quality of work you produce and how efficiently you are able to operate.

Sectioning off a place in your house that you can dedicate as a working spot can do wonders for your workflow. Studies have shown that having a space that you only use for one purpose can help train your mind to get in the right mentality for that specific activity. For instance, only using your bedroom for sleeping can help you calm your mind right before you go to bed. Similarly, having an office that you use only for working can help you get in the proper working mentality.

Change of Scenery

A different approach you could take is working in different environments. If you are the type of person who needs fresh air then giving yourself a change of scenery can help keep things interesting. Rather than working in your house every day of the week, you can find a cafe or library where you can work for the day.

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How to Find the Right Supplier For Your Maintenance Business

Summary: Finding and keeping a trusted supplier comes with due diligence and the right approach. Here’s how you can accomplish this feat.

Small businesses are always looking for ways to cut corners financially. With high rent, payroll, and other overhead costs to worry about, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the supplier that offers the lowest prices on goods will likely be picked.

With that being said, as a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that the company offers reasonable prices but also acts within moral grounds. This article will demonstrate some of the aspects you need to look out for in a proper supplier.

Read the Contract

In order to avoid running into a plethora of issues when it comes to delivery dates, product types, and item quality, you’ll want to read into the contract before signing it. Many times, business owners will fail to read certain clauses and end up running into a multitude of problems – which can turn into a legal battle if it’s serious enough.

Verbal Communication is Key

Just like you would with your employees, communicating with your supplier is an underrated part of running a fluid business. When you’re looking for a specific railroad locomotive starter for example, be sure you contact the supplier and run through your options. The last thing you’ll want is to use the wrong voltage type and end up destroying your clients’ vehicles.

Your representative should always have a direct line of contact that you can reach at any time of the day, along with an email address should you need another platform. One of the biggest complaints that business owners have is a lack of availability. Most suppliers want your business and will practically do anything to have it. This means making false promises and guaranteeing 24/7 availability. This is obviously a good look when you initially make contact but after the honeymoon phase is over, there could be major communication breakdowns that occur. Be sure to watch out for this before it starts.

Create a Set Schedule

When it’s time to resupply, you’ll want to know that your supplier will always be there to help. However, waiting months at a time for orders can cause you to get lost in the convoluted mass of clients that the supplier is also helping at the same time. Suppliers like Start Pac for instance, have a direct channel of contact that you can utilize when you need new items. By maintaining a mandatory schedule where you can talk to your supplier will help organize everything and keep you on the road to success.