The Importance of Screening Potential Candidates

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As the owner of a newly created business, or company, one of the main components that you’re going to need to take care of is the hiring process. The truth is, as soon as you advertise that you need a qualified team, you’re more than likely going to receive an influx of applicants.

While taking a look at someone’s resume will give you an idea of their former work experience as well as their capabilities, there is another step that you’re going to need to take for security purposes.


By screening your applicants, you’ll receive a set of information that contains their criminal records, convictions, and their descriptions. In order to keep your company safe from potential frauds or criminals, you’re going to need to make good judgment on whether you believe they will be a valuable asset to your team. There are various ways that you can screen your applicants, one being through an instant criminal background check online.

Reasons Why You Should Use Background Checks

Often times, individuals are apt to hiding certain aspects of their past in order for them to look respectable in the eyes of a recruiter. Many of these traits can be noticed during a face-to-face conversation but other things will only come out through utilizing one of the many employment background check services.

Conducting background checks on your prospects aren’t an option anymore in the recruiting field. It’s become a necessity to find the most qualified candidate that there is, and provide them to that company.

If you’re a recruiter, then you’re familiar with the notion that the prospective candidate that you show to the HR manager is a representative of you. Find the right candidate that has all of all the qualifications. Then screen them to validate all of their experience and credentials listed. Finally, be sure that your candidate doesn’t have a past criminal record – although this lies in a “grey” area as you shouldn’t write them off based on their criminal record alone. By doing these steps, you’ll provide top-notch employees for that company and prove that you can recruit confidently.

So, if you’re looking for a way to verify that all of your candidates are matching up to what they say, then look into the many pre employment checks beforehand to save both time and money in the long run. Your candidate could be the “game changer” to that industry, and it’s all thanks to you.

The importance of scanning the links on your website

The importance of scanning the links on your websiteAs a web developer, I do a thorough scan of all links on all pages of any website I am developing as soon as it is complete. There is software such as Xenu’s link slueth which goes page by page link by link. You specify how many levels deep to scan. The end result is a long list of links and the status of all those links. I do this every for every single website, multiple times. Here is why:

Broken links

The impact of broken links on your website a twofold. Firstly, there are search engines. Search engines cannot index any pages if the links are broken. In addition any authority will not be passed onto those pages and that will affect your ranking in the search engines. The second is that visitors who find broken links are likely to leave your website. Most visitors have very little patience and will move on or go back to the search they came in with.

Hidden links

Many website developers use a CMS such as WordPress to design their websites. This can involve third party themes and plugins. While a lot of these can be innocent, there are known cases of plugins inserting links into pages. You will not know these links are there. From this they can either pass on page authority to sites of their choosing or potentially install malware to your visitors. If you use free plugins and themes, always scan your website after development is complete.

Web development tips to boost online sales


You might already know the impact that the design of your online store has on sales. Everything ranging from the landing page to the shopping cart is important. The simple design tips below could help you convert visitors into customers.

Make your shopping cart stand out

Every time customers add something to their cart, you can bet that they would instinctively want to check whether the items has been successfully registered. Seeing the shopping cart and its items on each page could help the customer in making their mind about checking out. Making use of contrasting colors could be a great way to make the cart stand out.

Optimize the “add-to-cart” buttons

Your “add-to-cart” button should be explicit about the call to action it infers. Customers respond positively to more direct calls to action such as “Buy it Now”. If your “add-to-cart” button says “More information” or “Learn more”, then chances are that your customers would feel that buying from your site is not so easy. Colors such as blue and green are more gentle and are positively perceived by customers as opposed to red or orange.

Keep your product page clean

You might feel tempted to add a lot of information on the page to guide the customer, but in fact, it is the noise produced by too much information that could drive the customer away. Customers usually seek an image of the product first, the price and then the product specifications. Product reviews and related items, although equally important, are better when placed at the bottom of the page.