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Avoid High Risk Status and Accept Credit Cards Online for Less

high-risk-credit-cardsArticle by Credit Card Processing Blog.

Learn more about how to avoid high risk status for your merchant account.

A high risk merchant account can be a costly proposition. High risk accounts signify that your business presents an above-average risk of return for the payment processor. You might be honest, but years of failed and dishonest businesses have created a system for assessing risk that may not agree with you. In this guide, we look at methods you can use to accept credit cards for less money.

Fixing High Risk Status

The first step in paying less to accept credit cards online is to try and fix your high risk status. Usually, it’s an issue with credit or payments. If your payment history is off on bills, for instance, that can hurt your business credit rating. Length of time the business has been open can present an additional hurdle, as new businesses are often viewed with an eye of skepticism.

Talk with your credit card processing company, and find out what the problem is. Once you understand their viewpoint, you can take steps to resolve the issue. You might even try negotiating, which works especially well if you’re bringing high volume sales to the payment processor. They may be able to lower their rates and still make a profit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re assessed as a high risk, it’s not the end of your business. It usually means you will pay higher fees than someone who is not high risk, however. Shop around. Just because you’re high risk doesn’t mean you should settle for the first account that comes your way.

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