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Five myths about job references

instantbackgroundchecks3Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

If you are planning on interviewing for a new job, it is important to understand what your former boss or references will say about you. Here are 5 myths about job references.

Myth 1 – Companies are not allowed to say negative things about a former employee – Some companies have policies that only give out details like title, dates of employment and eligibility for rehire. However, sometimes employees in HR may violate these policies.

Myth 2 – Most companies direct their employee screening requests to the HR department – In most instances, employee screening requests will be directed to the HR department, but in rare cases, if your direct supervisor is known by the hiring manager, they can speak to them directly.

Myth 3 – If there are issues with a boss or a company, I can omit these details off my reference list. – Although you may omit references off your resume, most companies will conduct an instant online background check to determine where you have worked in the past. Therefore, it is best to be transparent and inform your interviewer if you have had any problems with jobs or managers in the past.

Myth 4 – My references should be listed on my resume – References should be provided only when asked. You can also provide different references depending on the job you are interviewing for. This is especially important if you have to work in a number of industries or fields.

Myth 5 – Once I’m hired, my references don’t matter – Most companies will include a clause in their employee contracts that says that employees are under 90 days probation from the time of hire. During this period the employer can fire you.


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