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The top money management apps

bebetteratbusinessWhen it comes to personal finance there are three types of people. There are those spend without any regard for savings. Then there are those whose primary instinct is to save however they can. They will look for every possible way to eke out a net saving. The final type is somewhere in between. They will save only if the right tools are there to enable that saving. To that end, here are some personal finance management apps that will help anyone:

YNAB – you need a budget

YNAB is an expense tracking app. It will help you keep track of your spending. Budgets are set by category and expenses are entered manually. More than anything this will help you figure out where your money is going. Often people underestimate how much they spend on various things. Eventually you can set budgets for specific categories and try keep your spending within those limits.

Level money

This is another app that tracks your expenses. It allows you keep track of your finances by time period. Primarily by day, week and month. There is unfortunately no support for tracking your spending by category.

Mint bills

The online money management site Mint purchased the an expense tracking app called Check. They have rebranded it to Mint and it supports tracking expenses and even paying for bills through the system. The only downside is that even if you are a Mint user you still have to sign up for Mint bills separately.

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