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Top Tips for Renting a Car Overseas

Summary: Renting a car internationally can be a hassle if you aren’t aware of the rules and regulations of the road.

Renting a car is a great alternative to relying on public transportation while on vacation. Having your own car provides you with opportunities to do things on your own time instead of relying on other methods to get around.

But, renting a car in another country also comes with its challenges as well. Here are some tips to help reduce the stress of the process.

Check to See If You Can Drive

If you are traveling to a country that speaks English, you’ll likely be able to get by with just your driver’s license. However, many countries will require you to get an International Driving Permit – which can prove to be rather difficult if you’re trying to book <a href=””>car rentals in Jordan</a> for example. This is something you have to consider, especially since you may need to present this along with your driver’s license at the rental car counter.

The good news is that getting an IDP is actually fairly easy. You only need a valid driver’s license, two passport-sized photos of yourself, and a payment for the permit – which typically goes for $25.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

There’s a chance your insurance company will cover your rental car, but this also might not be an option. So, unless you have a credit card that covers rental cars, you will need to purchase insurance form the rental car company.

<a href=””>Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC</a> recommends that you get the same international insurance coverage that you currently have. However, be aware that some companies may require additional coverage. Because laws tend to vary from country to country, be clear about where you are looking to travel. While your current insurance may cover you in the first country that you plan to visit, it may not cover you if you travel to another location for example.