How to look after your cash register

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Cash registers are not the same machines they used to be. At one time they were devices that had lots of mechanical moving parts. With the exception the printer, which still remains mechanical due to the nature of the printing required, the rest of the cash register is now a piece of electronic equipment. The one thing that has not changed though, is much like the older models, the modern machines also need to be maintained in order to maximize its lifetime. Here are some basic maintenance tips:

Keep it clean – Use a can of compressed and clean out any debris and dust trapped within the machine. If the dust and dirt accumulates it can affect components like the feed roller. Schedule this activity monthly.

Moisture – Make sure the machine is always dry. This is harder in places like coffee shops where items are sometimes handed over the machines. Avoid any issues from spillage by covering the device with a plastic cover. This is especially important if used outdoors.

Replace – Always replace consumables as quickly as possible. For example, running out of paper can mean the feed roller will get soaked with ink and can swell. This is not necessary if the machine is one of the new units with a thermal printer. Avoid running out by keeping a few spares of each consumable on hand for quickly replacement.

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