Things to consider when choosing a cash register


For any retail outlet or business that deals in sales transactions, a cash register is an absolute necessity. The type of cash register used will depend on the requirements of that business and can range from a basic register to an advanced point of sales unit. Here are a few things to consider when making that choice:


The first and most important factor is size. You will need to consider how many items and transactions you will need to process now and in the near future. Cash registers can be a costly investment and you will need to future proof your purchase so consider where you see your sales volume in five years. A larger business with thousands of items will need a proper point of sales unit, whilst a smaller shop might be able to manage with a simple cash register.


Another factor to consider is the level of security required. Will there be large amounts of money handled and stored? Then a locked drawer will be a minimum requirement. For even larger amounts consider a drop box and/or safe to store excess cash and cheques to deter theft. Another layer of security to look at is to be able to password protect the register to avoid any data theft and to protect the privacy of your customers.


For outfits with a few items then a basic cash register will suffice. However, medium to larger businesses will be able to make use of the inventory tracking features of the larger point of sales units. These machines can even alert and order additional inventory when re-order levels are reached.

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