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Mistakes Every New Leader Makes

Author: Herb Kimble.

Every day new leaders are forged, they make the same blunders. Time after time to the point where many of these mistakes are just old news. If you can learn from these beginner stumbles, you’re already a leg ahead of your peers.

The Molehill Problem

There’s an old saying that one shouldn’t make mountains out of molehills, meaning to avoid making a big deal out of a small problem. Leadership is hard and roadblocks can feel like a challenge to overcome. The role of a leader carries the burden of overcoming those obstacles.

The molehill mindset leads to explosive conflicts over virtually every minor detail. Most of these conflicts will not impact the product or the end result in any way, but they kill productivity and morale. If you find yourself escalating problems frequently, focus on improving your problem-solving skills and create conditions that lead to success.

Trying Too Hard

A new leader is tasked with overcoming odds to deliver, and that can easily manifest itself in a lack of trust. Leadership that tries too hard also tends to be too critical and may create toxicity in the workplace. This type of leader means well, but often stresses over their own insecurities projected onto the end result.

It’s possible that you really do know what’s best in every dispute, but not likely. It’s conceivable that others on your team can participate and bring good ideas to the table, maybe not the right ones but ones that lead you on the right path. Don’t be a dictator.

Bio: Herb Kimble is both an entrepreneur and a film and television producer. His roots as an accomplished actor gave him a passion for the arts. Today, Herb Kimble is co-founder of CineFocus Productions and launching Urban Flix, an inclusive streaming company based in Los Angeles.

5 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses With Limited Budgets

Article was written by Herb Kimble

Small businesses struggle usually in the first few years of being in business. They may find that marketing their business can be difficult on a small marketing budget. However, marketing your business is important to generate more revenue. Therefore, here are some marketing tactics that will help you make money, on a small marketing budget.

Publish great content. – It is important that the content you publish is of good quality. If writing is not your strong point, speak to someone on your team to generate articles on your blog. Include tips that will help customers to understand and use your products and services.

Create instructional videos – If hiring a professional is too expensive, look for someone who is looking for the experience, for example a student on Craigslist.

Get ad promo credits – Ad campaigns can be expensive for small businesses, instead look for discounts and coupons available for Facebook and google ads.

Reddit – Reddit is a good tool if used strategically. This platform is best for tech savvy audiences, who prefer to move away from obvious marketing tactics. To post your content, look at sharing in Reddit’s subcategories.

Be a savvy social networker – Be part of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. These are good tools, that will help you showcase your products, upload videos and provide consumers with an overall idea about your product or service.

This article was written by Herb Kimble. Herb Kimble is the founder of CineFocus Productions, a film production company in Los Angeles and Urban Flix, a streaming network that specializes in multi-cultural content. For more info, about Herb Kimble, visit his Facebook.

Stay Focused on Your Goals with these 5 tips

Stay Focused on Your GoalsArticle by

Life as a business person isn’t simple, however when you first got into it you ought to have comprehended that it wouldn’t be simple. A business visionary must stay concentrated on the comprehensive view and the objectives set in front of them, notwithstanding when times are troublesome. What are a few approaches to stay concentrated on these objectives?

1. Be Completely Honest About the Situation-Don’t kid yourself about your present circumstance, yet rather be totally fair about where you at and where you need to go. Improving things appear than they are won’t help; rather they will just make you get lethargic.

2. Stay enthusiastic Passion is indispensably imperative to an effective business person. You need to need to be effective gravely with a specific end goal to make it. Understand that your enthusiasm for what you do is a standout amongst the most critical approaches to emerge from whatever remains of the pack.

3. Consider yourself responsible Keep a nearby reputation on how you are getting along with your objectives. Doing something, for example, having an exceed expectations spreadsheet following your outcomes will help you stay responsible and stay spurred. Make it a typical procedure to keep an eye on how you are getting along.

4. Be Specific-Making beyond any doubt that your objectives are concrete and as particular as could be expected under the circumstances will help you have the capacity to look forward. Case in point, as opposed to just expressing you need to expand your deals by a lot, set a particular sum and endeavor to achieve that sum.

5. Keep a long haul viewpoint There are continually going to be mishaps, yet recall to keep a long haul attitude toward your objectives. Remember the 10,000 foot view at all times and it will help you keep your concentrate notwithstanding amid unpleasant times.

Staying concentrated on your objectives can be troublesome, however to be a fruitful business person you must do it!

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How Important is Record Keeping for Businesses?

In order to keep your business safe from any legal troubles, it’s important that you document every step that you take. Recordkeeping is one of the most important tools that you should take advantage of when it comes to running a business.

Whenever conflict or issues arise, you’ll want to be able to prove that you were on the right side of the law. And, as you already know, the only way you can go about doing this is to maintain clear and concise records of every transaction that your business partakes in.

Using the Cloud

Many businesses are backing their information up on what’s known as the cloud. Documents that are kept on a single computer could pose a risk if something were to happen to the hard drive storing all of the information that you’ve worked so hard to keep up with. Saving important data to a cloud-based storage system will ensure that your information won’t disappear suddenly if there’s an error with your computer.

Backing up Your Info with an External Drive

Another option that you can opt for is to back up your files on an external hard drive. By taking this route, you’ll be able to easily plug it in to a computer, and transfer each file that you want onto the drive. This way, you’ll have every transaction stored on a secure system that can be accessed on any computer – similar to that of a cloud-based storage system. Backing up data has proven to be invaluable to any business, and it could save you months of recovery and most importantly, thousands of dollars.

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Basic skills for starting or running your own business

entrepreneurshipArticle Written by : Scrumpy Jack

Experienced managers and CEO’s will tell you that in order to start your own business you will need to have or acquire a range of skills. This is even more important for startups. The smaller headcounts mean that a lot of the work is done by the founder. Here are a few of the skills you will need to master:

Project management

Being an efficient project manager will be very important. The basic gist is to achieve a specific goal or outcome while making the maximum use of resources available and delivering on schedule. There are courses on project management which will speed up the process. In addition tools like Trello offer app based prject management for small businesses.


A lot of founders develop a decent head for numbers before the business is run. In order to raise funds and convince investors, profit, loss and other projections all need to be done. However, once the business is up and running that knowledge needs to extend to maintaining and monitoring the books.


As a business owner or founder, leadership is a skill you will need to ensure success. The ability to motivate and improve the productivity of your workforce will affect your chances of success. Leadership comes naturally to some, but even for those it does


There will be a lot of presentations. The better the presentations the higher chances of convincing investors to get on board. Your presentation skills say more about you than the items presenting so it is important to master this skills before any other.


3 Ways to Invest Your Company’s First Profits

Summary: Reinvesting profits can be beneficial for both your company and your consumer base.

So you’ve officially earned your first dollar and you’re not wondering what to do next. Here are the top 3 ways that you can invest your money back into your company to pave the way for future endeavors.

  1. Digital Marketing

Marketing is a key component that plays a significant role in the success of a business. Most startups that hit the beginning phases of their business wait months before they invest in marketing. Most of the time it’s because they don’t exactly know where they should start. One solid investment is in performance metrics. Keeping track of your campaigns and adjusting them accordingly will only help your business understand what’s working and what’s not.

  1. Improving Your Business

Startups tend to spend their initial profits in reinvesting. Your company shouldn’t be the exception. Your reinvestment efforts need to be in line with your business plan as well as your business goals. Most business owners like to reinvest their profits into improving their business. For instance, things like equipment, infrastructure, and business processes are all ways that you can improve the experience for the consumer. It’s a valuable strategy that can improve your profits over a period of time.

  1. Improving Your Team

A stronger workforce can assist in streamlining your business, improve the overall productivity, and create a company culture that tends to attract only the hardest workers. By investing profits into training programs and continuing education for example, can provide them with the necessary tools that they need to thrive. Furthermore, as your company continues to grow, you can even include benefits packages as well as other discounts that are accessible to all of your employees. Even if you’re a one-man show, or even an entrepreneur like Sebastian Guthery, you can still allocate funds towards assistance.

Article written by Sebastian Guthery. Sebastian has been motivated for entrepreneurship since a young age, growing up in Wichita, Kansas. Numerous companies with millions in revenue owe their success to Guthery, who lives and works in the greater San Diego region of Southern California. Visit Sebastian Guthery’s Linkedin page for more info.

How is Money Transferred Globally? Is it Safe?

Summary: The complex system of transfers involve numerous pit stops in various countries along with embedded security systems to prevent sensitive information from leaking.

More than likely, you’ve transferred money to a relative or acquaintance that you know at least once in your life. But, have you done so to another person overseas? This is much more complicated and requires additional security measures to ensure it reaches its destination safely without compromising sensitive information like account numbers or addresses.

Now, there are numerous solutions to overcoming the difficulties of micro-transactions and bank transfers, but there is still an overwhelming issue of security for each credit card processor. The fact that there are people constantly scouring the Web for a way to hijack these systems is enough to make you hesitant.

Money Transfers: What’s the Cost?

In today’s economy, much of contract labor comes from around the globe. While this represents an amazing opportunity for the individual, there is a cost however. Money transfers cost money, and not every ecommerce merchant account is willing to pay the premium price to send the allotted amount to the individual.

In order to compensate for this, merchants will often include numerous fees to cover the costs of moving the money around from country to country.

Security Measures

Regulations in countries vary in regard to how strict their policies are when it comes to personal information. Owners of online wallets need stay cautious in how they accept money, the types of protocols involves, and whether they are making themselves vulnerable to hacks. With various security measures being implemented regularly, transfers are slowly starting to gain back their reputation of being fair and secure – although to be fair, it’s not entirely perfect yet.


Profiling Omar Amanat: Businessman and Philanthropist

Omar Amanat was the founder and CEO of Tradescape, an electronic brokerage company that quickly became an industry leader by offering investors a direct connection to all nine Electronic Communications Networks. Responsible for processing over 10% of NASDAQ’s daily trading volume, it was deemed one of the top 50 private companies in the United States. In 2002, Mr. Amanat sold Tradescape to E*Trade for $280 million.

Mr. Amanat studied at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business before working with CyberTrader founder Philip Berber to develop a stock trading platform that was acquired by Charles Schwab for $488 million. He survived the dot-com crash, and narrowly avoided the crash of the World Trade Center in 2001. His observations of the post-9/11 world led him to explore the role of media images in cross-culture empathy. Mr. Amanat was the first financier of Bridges TV, an American station devoted to promoting positive images to unite Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. He is also a key investor in several Hollywood film production companies, one of which plans to release between 20 and 30 feature films in the next five years.

Finally, Omar Amanat is a well-known philanthropist, using his skills as both a businessman and public speaker on behalf of humanitarian causes. He served as Vice Chairman of the Board of the Acumen Fund, a global venture capital fund for the poor that was described as one of five charities changing the face of international charitable outreach. He is also on the Board of Directors for Human Rights Watch and Malaria No More, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.

The Important of a Checking a Tenant’s Credit Report

Renting out a property can be a lucrative opportunity for you. Not only is it a great secondary source of income, but if you hire a management company to take care of all of the work, you can basically sit back and enjoy the extra cash flow. One thing that is important to note though is that there is a chance you’ll come across some issues with your tenant’s monthly payments. It’s extremely common as financial emergencies do happen with people – but it’s obviously not acceptable if it’s a consistent pattern. If you want to minimize the chances that the latter would happen, it’s best that you run a credit check on each potential client and thoroughly review each detail. The two main priorities on an application that you should focus on are the criminal history and the credit report. Each one gives you an idea of how qualified your tenant is. There are multiple low cost tenant verification services available online, if you prefer to do it yourself. After receiving a pass from the tenant screening services company, you can focus on their credit. Since you set the bar for what their credit score should be in order for them to move in, you can designate a range in which their credit must fall in, in order for them to proceed with the application process. On a credit report, look for things like: late payments, bankruptcy issues, and debt. These figures are important because you’ll most likely get a sense of how their finances are as well as their ability to make payments on time. If you hire a property manager, you’re going to have to regularly pay them. If your tenants fall behind on rent, it’ll only put more financial stress on you especially when the costs of running the property begin to add up. High credit scores tend to be less a risky option for you. But don’t completely rely on the credit score itself. The number won’t indicate whether or not your tenants are going to cause trouble or get along with their neighbors. An application will only paint ¾ of the picture. It’s essential to run a credit check on an applicant. Not only will it verify their ability to pay on time, but also the fact that they’ll actually be able to afford your monthly rent. As a landlord, you need to take on the responsibility of managing your finances correctly and with a smooth-running operation; you’ll be able to enjoy the luxuries of owning real estate rather than stressing out.


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