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5 Things entrepreneurs should never say to journalists

bebetteratbusinessEntrepreneurs should be careful what they reveal to journalists since what you say can be immortalized in print. Although the press is useful for a startup, they should be used effectively and correctly to move your business forward. Here are 5 things entrepreneurs should never say to journalists.

‘I’ll pay you to write it.’ – It is best not to approach a journalist with these words. Since most journalists will only write a story if they believe that it is interesting to them. Therefore, find a journalist that will appreciate your story and will offer your decent media coverage.

‘I must review it before you publish.’ – It is important to note that once the interview has ended, you will not have control of the outcome. The journalist will always write a story from their perspective and you have no right to review the article before it goes to print.

‘Can you hold, please?’ or, Sorry, let’s do it another day.’ – Journalists will not like to be told that you will call them back. This is mainly because a journalist has limited time and often have stressful schedules. Therefore, when a journalist approaches you for an interview, do not let the opportunity slip.

‘Is this is off the record?’ – If you are going to answer a question that you don’t want on the record, say it before you answer.

‘You didn’t include me in your article.’ – Not every interview will go into print, therefore you may be left out of a story. However, this is part of the process, it is best to think twice about interviewing with that journalist rather than asking why you weren’t included in the article.

How Agencies Measure SEO Efforts

Every firm is interested in increasing their bottom line through online advertising, and they increasingly are turning to a search engine optimization firm in order to generate results. There are certainly plenty of firms working in this space, but how can you judge the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts?

A search engine optimization agency uses a few metrics in assessing the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. Keywords are a crucial component of SEO marketing, and checking the ranking for page using certain keywords is a good way to assess effectiveness. If your business is using keywords to advertise their services, this should be reflected in page ranking and search results.

An SEO agency is also focused on the amount of traffic generated by their work. The goal of SEO marketing is to increase customer awareness and increase sales. However, page views aren’t the only part of web traffic to consider. Another metric used is average time spent on page, as this gives valuable insight into the user experience. When consumers don’t like a webpage, they leave. Thus, longer time spent on page is often an indicator of higher quality web design. It can be helpful to also assess if traffic is coming from mobile users or traditional browsers. If a business is not receiving mobile traffic, this is potentially a signal of poor advertising or web design for mobile. This variety of metrics allows search engine optimization agencies to assess how well their efforts are supporting your business.
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The importance of scanning the links on your website

The importance of scanning the links on your websiteAs a web developer, I do a thorough scan of all links on all pages of any website I am developing as soon as it is complete. There is software such as Xenu’s link slueth which goes page by page link by link. You specify how many levels deep to scan. The end result is a long list of links and the status of all those links. I do this every for every single website, multiple times. Here is why:

Broken links

The impact of broken links on your website a twofold. Firstly, there are search engines. Search engines cannot index any pages if the links are broken. In addition any authority will not be passed onto those pages and that will affect your ranking in the search engines. The second is that visitors who find broken links are likely to leave your website. Most visitors have very little patience and will move on or go back to the search they came in with.

Hidden links

Many website developers use a CMS such as WordPress to design their websites. This can involve third party themes and plugins. While a lot of these can be innocent, there are known cases of plugins inserting links into pages. You will not know these links are there. From this they can either pass on page authority to sites of their choosing or potentially install malware to your visitors. If you use free plugins and themes, always scan your website after development is complete.

Philanthropy in Marketing and Sales

Philanthropy-in-Marketing-and-SalesWhen you incorporate philanthropy within your business, you end up with community partnering. This strategy can come with benefits to your marketing, leads, and productivity. Here are some creative ways that you can incorporate philanthropic activities into your business.


Partner up with a local school and provide them with coupons that can be passed out. It’s a win-win for you and the school because their club or class will receive a portion of the amount every time that the recipient of the coupon uses it at your store, and you get the exposure and sales.

Be in Touch with the Community

Hosting community dinners or seminars for the locals at your business can open up opportunities for possible partnerships as well as inquiries into what your company can offer them. Seminars can include topics that relate to community needs and ways to address them. Make sure you partner up with a respectable organization that is a known-figure in your area to get the most effective outcome.

Packaged Deals

If you are selling a product, you can propose a deal with community groups that involve a variety of your products being packaged together for them to sell. Again, they will benefit from the sales as well as you.

If the idea of profiting off of the community becomes the main reason why you are applying philanthropy to your strategy, then this is not for you. As a business you have the ability to maintain the well-being of your staff along with helping your neighborhood prosper.

Bio: Ferhan Patel, the Director of Global Risk and Compliance for Payza, is a Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS), an Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Should you have a flashy website or a minimalist one?

Should-you-have-a-flashy-website-or-a-minimalist-oneIn the 21st century, having a website for your business should already be considered as a given. It’s important to keep up and make sure that you get maximum exposure when it comes to your business, product, and target market. To better understand this, imagine yourself being a fisherman. You catch fish, sell your catch in your village, but what next? If you want to sell your fish in the market where you can sell to more people, you’re going to need to find a way to get to that market and sell your fish while they’re still fresh. In effect, this is what the internet is to your and your business. It’s a tool or a medium to help you reach your customers and sell your products when there is still demand for it.

Your website allows you to have an online presence where you can sell to people outside your local community without them or you having to go out of town to sell or purchase goods. It’s effectively branching out without having to put up another physical store and hire more staff to handle your goods. All you need to do this is a good web design and hosting provider, an online shopping feature and you’re practically good to go. This means more customers and a wider market to sell to. Your website, if it can gain enough exposure, can become your single biggest driver of revenues and profits for your business. And that’s why you need to have a website.

Most people would say that less is more, while others are all for the flash and flair that would attract potential customers. If you are planning on setting up your own website for your business, you will definitely have to choose between these two styles for your website. If you have a web host provider that doubles as web designing, your decision would be significantly easier since you would have templates for you to work with.

Rather than having to conceptualize your website from scratch, you can browse through an extensive catalog that ranges from minimalist to flashy designs that you can choose that would best fit your website and the business that you’re into. The advantages of having a minimalist website are that you stick to the bare essentials wherein your website would be easy on the eyes to look at. Other than that, it would also be very easy to navigate since you wouldn’t have so much distractions all over your site.

People like to keep it simple, they don’t want to have to look for what they want. And as an owner of your own website, you need to make sure that you give your customers what you want. On the other hand, if you want something flashy, make it flashy enough to be attractive but not too much to seem desperate. The goal here is to attract as many customers as possible. And you will definitely be able to do it by choosing either option.

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