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Best way to fix your credit report errors

Credit repair is quite an uphill task. However, the truth is that you can fix the credit report errors, sometimes even without professional help. You just must complete the repair process and rebuild your score without incurring any additional costs to make it happen.

The first step towards fixing your credit is to get a copy of your credit report. Every consumer can access their credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus in the U.S. Moreover, you must remember that you are legally permitted to ask the bureaus to correct mistakes in your report.

Each bureau has an online portal where you can dispute for free. You can send disputes via registered mail, return receipt requested. The credit bureaus have 30 days to verify the information. If they fail to verify, they must remove it from your report.

In some cases, there may still be some negative items that remain in your report. Negative information that’s correct generally can’t be removed; you must wait for the penalties to expire, after the seven-year period.

Moreover, you need to improve your payment history. This is done by making monthly payments that are larger than the minimum requirement for each month. Avoid opening multiple new accounts within a six-month period and closing your old account. By following these steps, your score should improve within six months to one year.

Article submitted by Credit Monkey. By following these steps, you will surely be able to fix your credit for free.

Top Tips for Renting a Car Overseas

Summary: Renting a car internationally can be a hassle if you aren’t aware of the rules and regulations of the road.

Renting a car is a great alternative to relying on public transportation while on vacation. Having your own car provides you with opportunities to do things on your own time instead of relying on other methods to get around.

But, renting a car in another country also comes with its challenges as well. Here are some tips to help reduce the stress of the process.

Check to See If You Can Drive

If you are traveling to a country that speaks English, you’ll likely be able to get by with just your driver’s license. However, many countries will require you to get an International Driving Permit – which can prove to be rather difficult if you’re trying to book <a href=””>car rentals in Jordan</a> for example. This is something you have to consider, especially since you may need to present this along with your driver’s license at the rental car counter.

The good news is that getting an IDP is actually fairly easy. You only need a valid driver’s license, two passport-sized photos of yourself, and a payment for the permit – which typically goes for $25.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

There’s a chance your insurance company will cover your rental car, but this also might not be an option. So, unless you have a credit card that covers rental cars, you will need to purchase insurance form the rental car company.

<a href=””>Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC</a> recommends that you get the same international insurance coverage that you currently have. However, be aware that some companies may require additional coverage. Because laws tend to vary from country to country, be clear about where you are looking to travel. While your current insurance may cover you in the first country that you plan to visit, it may not cover you if you travel to another location for example.

Workflow Tips for Freelance Workers

Summary: Freelance workers operate a bit differently than those with traditional office jobs. Setting up a workflow that works best for you can help you stay on top of your game.

Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. While traditional office jobs require employees to work at an office desk each day, freelance workers have a bit more flexibility. A video editor, for example, really only needs a strong computer to work. Taking that into consideration, a video editor can work nearly anywhere. Some workflow techniques can help you work better.

Dedicated Office

When a good portion of your work is spent working at home you should consider investing in a dedicated office. Getting in the flow of your work and being able to concentrate for hours at a time can make a huge difference in the quality of work you produce and how efficiently you are able to operate.

Sectioning off a place in your house that you can dedicate as a working spot can do wonders for your workflow. Studies have shown that having a space that you only use for one purpose can help train your mind to get in the right mentality for that specific activity. For instance, only using your bedroom for sleeping can help you calm your mind right before you go to bed. Similarly, having an office that you use only for working can help you get in the proper working mentality.

Change of Scenery

A different approach you could take is working in different environments. If you are the type of person who needs fresh air then giving yourself a change of scenery can help keep things interesting. Rather than working in your house every day of the week, you can find a cafe or library where you can work for the day.

Blog submitted by Lyle Charles Consulting: Lyle Charles Consulting is one of the leaders in the construction industry. Private mediation and help with claims are just two of the many services they can provide you with.

Top Online Resources for Real Estate Management

Summary: There are a number of online tools you can take advantage of to make it easier to track all of the details for your real estate properties.

The advancement of the internet has made it significantly easier to keep track of information. In the past, if you wanted to learn more about an industry, you would have to read about it in a book, take a course on it, or get in contact with someone who is familiar with it. Through the power of the internet you can learn all about the topic with a simple search. Online services can also help you start a website, market a product, and get in touch with potential customers.

Real estate is a complicated industry with a lot of moving parts. If you own properties you can take advantage of some online resources to make your life much easier.

Market Analysis

A large portion of investing in a house involves research. To make a sound investment you need to understand the market, such as how much neighboring houses go for, how prices have changed over the years, and how the market is expected to change in both the short-term and long-term. There are websites you can use to easily explore different areas to get a feel for the real estate climate. The more information you have on the house, the more educated your purchase will be.

Centralized Documents

Another useful tool you can use to help manage your properties is a cloud service for your documents. You can upload official documents, type up notes, and create spreadsheets to organize the important details for each house. If something happens to your computer or you are out of the house, you will still have access to your documents wherever you have an internet connection.

Blog submitted by Lyle Charles: Lyle Charles is an expert in the construction

industry. If you need construction claims consultants or a construction expert witness, visit them online for more information.

Car Rental Details You Do Not Want to Miss

Summary: Since you are using someone else’s property when you rent a car, paying attention to some of the smaller details can prevent unwanted fees and disputes.

If you do not want to deal with the stress of public transportation or riding in taxis when you travel, then you might want to rent a vehicle during your stay.

When you rent a vehicle from a company like Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC you are paying to use someone else’s car. Failure to return the car exactly how the company expects it can result in additional charges. Pay attention to these small factors to avoid any surprises.

Gas in the Tank

A common issue a lot of car renters run into is not knowing how much gas to leave in the car when they return it. You might find an Amman rent a car that does not mind if you return the car with little gas justify in the tank but there could also be another that expects a full tank. The rates the second type of company might charge you at could ultimately turn out to be more costly than you simply filling the tank beforehand.

Note Any Scratches Beforehand

Before you sign for the car you should inspect the vehicle with an employee. Someone else has likely used the car before you so you could expect some scratches or dents. It would be wise to bring the ones you find to an employee’s attention so they are all on record. If an employee inspects the vehicle after you return it and finds a scratch that was not already accounted for, you can get charged for damaging the company’s property.

The Basics of EDI

Here is a quick primer on EDI, including what it is, how it works, and how your organization can reduce costs.

What is it?

EDI is the collected and organized transmission of online data between two or more organizations that have an existing trading relationship. The transmission occurs without any human intervention. Invoices, purchase orders, and, advances shipping notices are examples of the type of documents that flow through EDI.

How does it work?

In the first step, the user at one organization prepares the document and transactions. The EDI system will then translate the document to an agreed format and transmit them to the trading partner(s). The system at the trading partner will then translate that into documents that the internal systems can accept. In some cases, replies and counter-replies will go back and forth automatically.

How do we save?

The first and most obvious saving is in the amount of time you save sending and receiving documents. A transaction that goes through conventional means can take as long as three weeks to go from a PO for shipping. With EDI, it can happen in days. However, the savings are not just there. For example, you will save money even sending payments. Sending a payment through EDI costs less than a dollar, saving as much as $4.50 for every payment. If your organization sends out 500 checks a week, you can save more than a $100,000 per year.

5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Consulting Firm


Companies hire consultants to advise them on solving issues that a company is facing. However, consultants can cost a lot and therefore hiring the right consultant is vital to solving issues and ensuring that your money is spent wisely. Here are a few areas to consider.

Track record of success – It is a good idea to ask your consultant who they worked for and how successful they were in improving a company’s performance. Speak to your consultant about the issues they may have to handle in your company and ask them how they handled similar issues in other companies of your size.

An experienced team – Good quality consulting firms will only send through experienced consultants to pitch to senior management. Therefore, if your consulting firm sends through inexperienced consultants for interviews, it is best to look elsewhere.

Reasonable cost structure – The consultant you want, should come at the price that makes most financial sense for the firm. If you are looking for a more experienced consultant at a higher cost, they should be able to offer you results in a much shorter period.

Added value – A consultant who is a generalist, will offer creative solutions that will not be thought of internally.

Communication skills – Consultants and the consulting firm should be able to effectively listen to their clients and communicate in a language that matches the client’s culture and requirements.

6 Ways To Step Up Communication In Your Small Business

If you are trying to build a successful business, then improving your communication skills should be high on your list of priorities. Here are some tips to help you understand problems, resolve conflict and improve relationships with your employees.

Limit distractions and listen – Listening is key to good communication but it can be difficult when you are working in an office environment. If someone is talking to you, try to close your computer, put your phone on silent and close your office door to reduce distractions.

Be responsive – Once you receive a complaint or a suggestion, look at issuing a response If you are unable to provide an answer, let the person know that you will get back to them and do so promptly.

Ask the right questions – Ask the right questions from an employee or a customer who is unhappy.

Make meetings count – Meetings are known for being a waste of time and are often thoroughly disorganized. If you are heading a meeting, ensure that you have the points that you want to discuss and send an email to the other participants about the goals of the meeting and what information is needed.

Combine communication methods – Face to face communication is best as you will be able to read the person’s body language.

Focus on customer service – Your customers should be heard, and when a problem arises, the resolution should focus on communicating to uncover the problem. Keep communicating until a solution is identified and the customer is happy.


4 Tips That Will Help Your Accounting And Finance Team Deal With Technological Change

Article Written by : RAC Maghreb

Businesses are often under pressure to change to face new commercial opportunities, government regulations, and standards. To ensure that your accounting and finance team are ready for technological change, here are some simple tips that will help them stay on track.

Understand the skills of your team – Look at investing time on understanding what your finance team’s strengths and weaknesses are using face to face interviews and questionnaires.

Invest in new skills – Target your training and development around improving your finance team’s technical skills and by providing them with software and hardware that will help them do their jobs better.

Embrace mentoring – Mentoring is a cost-effective way to improve the capabilities of your finance and accounting staff. Most younger employees will be well-versed in new technologies and can help senior staff understand new systems and processes.

Take note of the ‘skills-application’ gap – Give your finance team sufficient time to grasp new technologies and learn new ways of doing things. While your team is learning, provide them with the necessary support to make their transition smoother.

Business heads should remember that new evolutions are exciting but can cause pressure within teams. Therefore, look at embracing new technologies while providing the necessary skills and time that is needed when making large transitions. Instead of asking the question of when a new technology will be implemented, ask your team what they need to make their transition easier.


How to avoid lengthy construction claims

A nightmare for any business is a lengthy process that involves a dispute with a contractor over a construction claim. You could go through the process, hire a construction claims expert, and go through and check the merits of the claim. However, there is an easier way. The old-adage has it right when it says that prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips on how to avoid construction claims and the arduous process that follows:

Relationships – Build a good relationship with all of your contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors. The bottom line wins, but solid relationships can smooth out any problems before they escalate. Even if you do hire an expert like Lyle Charles and pursue a claims process, you will end up with a better outcome.

Contracts – All it takes is one simple mistake, and it can cost your company dearly. First thing, make sure your contracts are watertight. The right law firm can ensure that the right clauses are part of the final document and cover the entire scope of the project.

Insurance – Look at the possibility of covering your project with the necessary insurance coverage. Property damage insurance alone can save you a lot of time and money in the event of an issue. Also, with a good track record, you can get away with a small premium.

Communication – Most disputes are the result of some form of miscommunication. Keep an open line of communication and always raise issues directly and immediately to avoid any confusion.


Free tools every Solopreneur should use

Article Written by : MLAVA Finances

Solopreneurs are a unique group. They manage all the pressure faced by an entrepreneur with very little outside assistance. A lot of this is down to how each individual deals with the pressure and how best he or she make use of the tools available. Here are some tools that solopreneurs can use to free up time for maximizing growth:


A nice tool to create a professional email signature that includes an image along with all contact information. This includes social media information and website links. It is free and allows extensive customization.

Workflow Max

This is a job management tool. It allows everything from lead and client management, invoicing, sheets, job costing, purchase orders and more in one place. In addition, 30 plus add-ons that extend the ability of the tool further. It is an entirely cloud based product.


Every company will need a way to accept payments at some point. Unless the focus is B2B, Square ensures secure payments through its hardware dongle. The service does take a 2.75% cut from each sale and accepts both debit and credit cards.


With solopreneurs doing everything, there is nobody to give a second read to important communications. This can result in grammatical as well as other errors in the copy. Grammarly catches all that and more. They provide integration with popular browsers and tools. In addition, there is also a plagiarism checker.

Avoid High Risk Status and Accept Credit Cards Online for Less

high-risk-credit-cardsArticle by Credit Card Processing Blog.

Learn more about how to avoid high risk status for your merchant account.

A high risk merchant account can be a costly proposition. High risk accounts signify that your business presents an above-average risk of return for the payment processor. You might be honest, but years of failed and dishonest businesses have created a system for assessing risk that may not agree with you. In this guide, we look at methods you can use to accept credit cards for less money.

Fixing High Risk Status

The first step in paying less to accept credit cards online is to try and fix your high risk status. Usually, it’s an issue with credit or payments. If your payment history is off on bills, for instance, that can hurt your business credit rating. Length of time the business has been open can present an additional hurdle, as new businesses are often viewed with an eye of skepticism.

Talk with your credit card processing company, and find out what the problem is. Once you understand their viewpoint, you can take steps to resolve the issue. You might even try negotiating, which works especially well if you’re bringing high volume sales to the payment processor. They may be able to lower their rates and still make a profit.

Final Thoughts

If you’re assessed as a high risk, it’s not the end of your business. It usually means you will pay higher fees than someone who is not high risk, however. Shop around. Just because you’re high risk doesn’t mean you should settle for the first account that comes your way.

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Building a Project Team

Summary: It is important to assemble a good project team. When building the team, ensure that the team has the right mix of skills, provide them with goals, and assign roles to avoid any confusion. In addition, encourage them to ask questions.

A good quality project team is an asset and will ensure that your project is completed as per plan with little delays. Here are a few tips on how you should build a successful project team.

Selecting your team – Look at project team members that are qualified, experienced and those that possess the correct skills for your specific project. Ensuring your team includes a mixture of skills, abilities, and personalities is key to creating a balanced team. Project members should also be skilled in working as a team cohesively.

Set the tone and the rules – After your team members are selected, schedule a meeting to identify who is leading the team and what role each team member will play. Look at providing the team with a set of goals and ask them to develop and present a plan on a set date.

Clear goals – The goals you set should be clear, achievable and always quantifiable. It is also important that goals of one individual do not clash with another’s.

Early goals – Early goals will increase morale and enthusiasm in a project. Look at settling easily-attainable goals that the whole team can work at achieving. Early successes will help the team bond and help them work harder on long term goals.

Communication – Let the team know that communication is key and give your team the chance to ask questions freely.

Written by Lyle Charles. Visit the website for more on construction claims consultants who will help to ensure that your project progresses on time.


Tips on Starting a Brokerage from Scratch

Summary: A brokerage might be the financial investment that will take your real estate endeavors to new heights.

For those that are looking to take their real estate investment to the next level, starting a brokerage might be the right move for you. Now, by doing this, you’ll have multiple agents split their commission with you as well benefiting from a brokerage ownership.

Remember, as a broker, you’ll be taking on supervisory duties that don’t have to as an agent, plus you’ll have to take care of overhead costs. However, this opportunity can provide an immense fortune if done correctly.

Here are some tips from the finest minds in the business that will help you get started.


First off, you’ll need to have the funds to cover your startup costs such as renting or buying your own space, supplying your office with the appropriate equipment, insurance, website design, and many other aspects. You’ll also want to cover your operating expenses for a minimum of three to four months. Otherwise, you’ll end up running yourself out of town before you get a chance to thrive.

Licensing Requirements

It’s crucial to look up what broker-licensing requirements are in your state as well as obtain your real estate broker’s license. In most states, you’ll have to take a course, be 21 years of age, and have practices real estate for a minimum of two years.

Website Design

An important step every business needs to take is to create a website to expose yourself to potential clients. Be sure to set up a professional-looking website that incorporates a services that includes listings in the area. Most home shoppers begin their search online, which means more business for your brokerage.


Be sure to purchase the correct insurance that covers you in a variety of areas. Remember, as a broker you’ll be taking on liability for the actions of your real estate agents. To protect you and your assets, errors and omissions insurance will cover you in the case that an unhappy client decides to sue your brokerage.

Office Essentials

Every office requires essentials such as a waiting area, conference room furniture, reception desk, computers, fax, copier, phone system, and other items. If you’re hiring independent contractors, they can utilize their own individual computers if they prefer. On the other hand, if you have in-house agents, you’ll want to provide desks for your agents.

Recruit the Right Agents

Established agents that have worked in the field for years will be a great asset. While new agents might bring a plethora of excitement and enthusiasm, you run the risk of allowing them to make errors in the field that could lead to legal issues. They’ll also require mentorship by you or a specialized trainer. Keep this mind when you’re taking care of the hiring process.


Advantages of private mediation

Couple divorcing12

Written by Lyle Charles

Private mediation has become a movement in many countries as they offer an alternative to the traditional courtroom battleground and litigation process. Normally mediation follows five processes and they are negotiation, conciliation, expert determination, round-table conference, and arbitration. Mediation has allowed many disputes to be more open, empowering, and cooperative. Here are some advantages of private mediation.

Reduced costs and time – Most disputes, especially those involving construction can take months or even years to be resolved in a court setting. To speed up proceeding many construction consulting firms are not recommending private mediation to reduce time and costs for both parties.

Less polarizing – Courts generally position parties against one another which can often cause a toxic and acrimonious environment. Mediation, on the other hand, places both parties on equal footing in a safe environment, where issues can be discussed and understood.

Empowerment – Mediation allows each party to voice their views, instead of letting lawyers handle the discussion. Therefore mediation leaves parties with the ability to make their own decision instead of leaving their fate in the hands of a judge.

However, mediation can cause power imbalances that may put one party in a more favorable situation than the other. This can be overcome by ensuring that the party representing the firm has some prior experience in mediation proceedings or by hiring a consulted to provide the person representing the company with sufficient knowledge.

Your construction business needs the best construction & turnaround services to avoid any unnecessary construction delay claims. Lyle Charles consulting can offer you superior services together with their proven track record and flawless reputation.