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Using a Command Center for Crime Investigation

Summary: Command centers can play pivotal roles in the efficiency and effectiveness of crime investigation organizations.


When dealing with any sort of sensitive information, organization and an attention to detail are both crucial. Forensics teams work in labs and use scientific techniques to help make sense of evidence and solve crimes. In order to solve crimes, forensics teams need to be accurate yet quick with their tests. Evidence in poor condition could make finding this balance challenging.


Integrating a command center into your workflow could help make your investigation team more efficient and effective. A system can require a large financial investment but they have the potential to greatly help your organization.


Keep Track of Evidence


For any given case, you and your team could be working with a large number of items. Evidence found at crime scenes, witness reports, contextual information, and descriptions of individuals involved, for example, are all important things to consider when trying to solve a crime. Network operation center desks could be implemented into your business to easily keep track of all relevant information. A database where all of the information for each individual case can be easily accessed can increase your investigation efficiency. A command center can be coupled with a display for ease of viewing.


Run Simulations


A command center could also be especially useful for running simulations. When trying to understand what took place at a crime scene, visual simulations of scenarios could give forensics and investigative workers a different perspective.Some companies can set up high-tech environments that make it easy to aggregate information from multiple sources. Using 3D-modeling and the evidence they have acquired, organizations can attempt to recreate crimes to find logical explanations for actions and motives.

Why Bluetooth Will Drive Digital Wallets in 2018

When Apple pulled the plug on the headphone jack, pun intended, it started a debate about whether wired peripherals were a thing of the past. Apple, Samsung and a growing number of smartphone manufacturers are beginning to see a great deal of promise in Bluetooth technology. Soon, Bluetooth will affect everything from how you listen to music to how you pay for the items you buy on your way home.

Bluetooth Peripherals

Already, it’s possible to transfer money digitally over Bluetooth. Merchants had been slow to adopt this technology because, for many, it means expensive adjustments they need to make to stay in compliance with the law. Now that the painful part is over, and smartphone adoption rates are up, Bluetooth technology is on the rise.

This has given way to several important peripherals, including card readers and mobile payment systems. Two devices might use Bluetooth and WiFi, so someone can take an order from a customer and process payment while the order is fulfilled. This would work well in restaurants, or in the retail sector. Imagine ordering a customized computer, or wardrobe, and having every piece hand delivered to you in the exact specifications you asked for. That’s the power of Bluetooth.

Digital Wallets

Another important innovation is the digital wallet itself. Bluetooth technology just helps provide the vehicle to make a payment, the wallets handle the encryption and actual movement of funds. Plus, these wallets are accepting and using a growing number of currencies. Soon, you might be able to travel abroad with little more than a smartphone and a passport.

Blog article submitted by Ted Dhanik. Also visit this video interview with Ted Dhanik.

Just How Safe are Digital Wallets? We Find Out

Digital wallets show a lot of promise, but there are still some small concerns that prevent the public from fully embracing this new technology. Some of these concerns are overhyped by the media, but many come down to a lack of understanding. In this article, we’ll look at some of the common questions regarding consumer safety and see how digital wallets overcome those challenges.

Open Doors

The first thing to straighten out is that a digital wallet isn’t very easy for outside parties to gain access to. Nothing is completely immune to hacking, but there are some important precautions taken when using a digital wallet.

For one, retailers never have access to an account number. Everything is “tokenized”, which is another way of saying that it all takes place within a single session. Because each transaction number is unique, with no account data attached to it, thieves can’t snatch all of the data tied to your account. Without that data, they won’t be able to easily gain access.


The entire key to security really lies in your mobile device. Password or fingerprint protecting your device will help stop thieves from entering a device they have access to. Keeping your phone on your person at all times is the safest method you have to protect your account, but password protection is also a must.

If you misplace or lose the phone, you’ve got one final option. You can reset your account remotely by logging into the app from your desktop.

Finding a Local App Developer

Today, the app development Los Angeles market is incredibly lucrative. For you to attract success, however, you must have the right app, the right support, functionality, and the appropriate roll-out. This is why it is advisable to work with a local premier partner.

Great App Portfolio
The portfolio is, in fact, the most important detail you must focus on when choosing an app developer. Be sure that the quality of the app is impressive. Their portfolio should demonstrate their skills. Also, if there are any created apps in the app stores download a few and give them a test drive for some time. Have the developer explain to you how the app was created. It means that a quality app developer has no problem showing off their past successes on their page. Consider the following:
• A good rating of the apps
• Review details from other clients
• The interaction of the pages in terms of how fast they load
• Check if there are any bugs
Note that the polishing of the apps could have been affected by factors such as a client’s budget. Therefore, give the iPhone app developers Los Angeles a chance to explain bad polishes and how they feel about the results.

Expert IPhone App Skills
There are more basics that come into play in an iPhone app than just a code. This is why you must be certain that the developer is specialized in every aspect of IPhone development. That has to include an all rounded professionalism on design, coding, and more. Developers that can assist you in building your app tend to have more value than those who just code. If your potential iPhone app development company in Los Angeles has a solid portfolio and a proven track record, they probably are the best deal.


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How Agencies Measure SEO Efforts

Every firm is interested in increasing their bottom line through online advertising, and they increasingly are turning to a search engine optimization firm in order to generate results. There are certainly plenty of firms working in this space, but how can you judge the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts?

A search engine optimization agency uses a few metrics in assessing the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. Keywords are a crucial component of SEO marketing, and checking the ranking for page using certain keywords is a good way to assess effectiveness. If your business is using keywords to advertise their services, this should be reflected in page ranking and search results.

An SEO agency is also focused on the amount of traffic generated by their work. The goal of SEO marketing is to increase customer awareness and increase sales. However, page views aren’t the only part of web traffic to consider. Another metric used is average time spent on page, as this gives valuable insight into the user experience. When consumers don’t like a webpage, they leave. Thus, longer time spent on page is often an indicator of higher quality web design. It can be helpful to also assess if traffic is coming from mobile users or traditional browsers. If a business is not receiving mobile traffic, this is potentially a signal of poor advertising or web design for mobile. This variety of metrics allows search engine optimization agencies to assess how well their efforts are supporting your business.
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