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Basic IT Setup For Small Businesses

bebetteratbusinessGone are the days when you needed an IT guy or team to run the operations of even a small business. Thanks to advances in technology and the internet the IT setup of a small business is easy and can be done by anyone. Here is a sample approach that a small business can take:

Internet access

The easiest option here is to ask the ISP to install the internet connection and any additional access point if you require access in areas beyond the initial coverage. For most small outfits, the coverage from the router that comes from the ISP will be enough. This is ideal for laptops and if you need to use a desktop, then buy one with a built-in wireless adaptor or place it close to the router for network cable access.

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Shared storage

Even small teams need to share documents and access common folders. This used to be where a file server was setup. That is costly and requires someone to maintain it. Services like SharePoint are ideal for cloud-based teams to share files and operate shared workspaces. The benefit here is that in the event of a computer failure, all data that is within these folders is safely on the cloud.


Mobile phones take care of the telephony component. Other communication within the office can be done using a chat service like Skype for Business or Google Hangouts. These can also be used for video conferencing.


The top web properties for small business

bebetteratbusinessArticle Written by : Trade Submit

Most websites have a website and some presence on social media. However there is more to choosing what networks to be on than seeing what is currently the most popular. Here are some of the leading social networks and under what conditions they should be used.


Any business that has a food or fashion focus can use instagram effectively. The best practice here is to post regularly, even several times a day. Hashtags should be used on every post and should match the target markets.


This is a service used mostly by teenagers and your users. Although it is getting more popular with adults, millennials are still the primary users. Any product or server that they will find interesting will be a good fit. Even better would be to get a product promoted by one of the popular celebrities on the service.


Everyone should have a Facebook page. The difference is that if you want to promote the page itself, then advertising is the best way to go. The targeting options give great flexibility when it comes to showing your ad only to your target market.


At this point it is mostly tech sites and photography sites that use Google+ the most. However, a Google+ page has another added benefit. Any follower of a page will see posts from it in the search results and that can be very useful, especially for local searches.

These are just a handful of the options, but are the most popular and useful. With the fast changing landscape that is the internet, it is best to keep reviewing the social media presence regularly.