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Best way to fix your credit report errors

Credit repair is quite an uphill task. However, the truth is that you can fix the credit report errors, sometimes even without professional help. You just must complete the repair process and rebuild your score without incurring any additional costs to make it happen.

The first step towards fixing your credit is to get a copy of your credit report. Every consumer can access their credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus in the U.S. Moreover, you must remember that you are legally permitted to ask the bureaus to correct mistakes in your report.

Each bureau has an online portal where you can dispute for free. You can send disputes via registered mail, return receipt requested. The credit bureaus have 30 days to verify the information. If they fail to verify, they must remove it from your report.

In some cases, there may still be some negative items that remain in your report. Negative information that’s correct generally can’t be removed; you must wait for the penalties to expire, after the seven-year period.

Moreover, you need to improve your payment history. This is done by making monthly payments that are larger than the minimum requirement for each month. Avoid opening multiple new accounts within a six-month period and closing your old account. By following these steps, your score should improve within six months to one year.

Article submitted by Credit Monkey. By following these steps, you will surely be able to fix your credit for free.