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How Social Media Affects Reputation

Social-MediaArticle provided by Fix Bad Reputation

Social media is more than just the dumping ground for your thoughts. It’s an engaging tool you can use to connect with fans far outside of your local area. There are more opportunities to gather feedback, and find sales opportunities, than ever before. In order to tap into those streams, you need to have a handle on your brand’s online presence. Here are tips to help you root out the gold and keep your reputation intact.

Build a Community

Building a community means more than just getting fans to like your page, so think beyond the like and get people to communicate with one another on your business page. Asking questions about your products or requesting reviews can help get you started. Consider expanding into industry related content. Write your own blog posts based on customer feedback, and promote those ideas through social channels.

Keep track of how often your messages are shared, and be sure to respond to comments.

Develop a Voice

Authenticity is huge for brands, and it’s easy to miss the mark if you’re not careful. Take time to develop a voice for the brand, and relate your social media efforts back to your company mission statement. Use blogs to support that voice through informative content that resonates with your audience. Also, consider promoting your social-entrepreneurial side. If you’re involved with charities or sponsoring kid’s sports teams, post updates related to their progress.

Consider Goals

Ideally, your customer doesn’t just like your page. He may use you as an informational database, or your site may be the first place he looks before buying. Zero in on what makes your content unique, and drive your customers toward those goals.

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Uncovering Individual Reputation Bombs

Article Submitted by Reputation Stars

The concepts of branding a business also apply to its executives. Metrics like content, past posts and current correspondence all define your executives and your brand. Here are tips to help you manage these posts and protect the reputation of your executives.


Digital Footprint

Every business, and its executives, is leaving a digital foot print behind every time a comment or statement is made online. This footprint can extend for many years, so there may be things in the past that can resurface as the company gains market share. Reputation management involves digging deep into the results that a search engine serves in search of those small PR gaffes. Go past page one and do individual searches for your executives by name to see what their history looks like. Identify items that need cleaning, and then develop a plan to work past those road blocks.

Thought Leaders

An executive can brand himself as a thought leader in the industry to try to gain some relevant exposure. Posting a well-researched study or a factual article can boost the credibility of the entire company. You can retain a copywriter to perform this service for you, or you can engineer a blog post of your own. Don’t get bogged down in day-to-day posts, try to keep your content relevant and hard hitting.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is a lot like a snowball, and if you don’t pay attention to it the problem can grow. Monitoring your brand with words like “scam” or “dispute” attached to the query may uncover individual blog posts or social media posts where customers are calling you out on perceived poor service. Find these disputes and reach out to these customers privately to resolve them.

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