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5 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses With Limited Budgets

Article was written by Herb Kimble

Small businesses struggle usually in the first few years of being in business. They may find that marketing their business can be difficult on a small marketing budget. However, marketing your business is important to generate more revenue. Therefore, here are some marketing tactics that will help you make money, on a small marketing budget.

Publish great content. – It is important that the content you publish is of good quality. If writing is not your strong point, speak to someone on your team to generate articles on your blog. Include tips that will help customers to understand and use your products and services.

Create instructional videos – If hiring a professional is too expensive, look for someone who is looking for the experience, for example a student on Craigslist.

Get ad promo credits – Ad campaigns can be expensive for small businesses, instead look for discounts and coupons available for Facebook and google ads.

Reddit – Reddit is a good tool if used strategically. This platform is best for tech savvy audiences, who prefer to move away from obvious marketing tactics. To post your content, look at sharing in Reddit’s subcategories.

Be a savvy social networker – Be part of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. These are good tools, that will help you showcase your products, upload videos and provide consumers with an overall idea about your product or service.

This article was written by Herb Kimble. Herb Kimble is the founder of CineFocus Productions, a film production company in Los Angeles and Urban Flix, a streaming network that specializes in multi-cultural content. For more info, about Herb Kimble, visit his Facebook.

Top Tips for Renting a Car Overseas

Summary: Renting a car internationally can be a hassle if you aren’t aware of the rules and regulations of the road.

Renting a car is a great alternative to relying on public transportation while on vacation. Having your own car provides you with opportunities to do things on your own time instead of relying on other methods to get around.

But, renting a car in another country also comes with its challenges as well. Here are some tips to help reduce the stress of the process.

Check to See If You Can Drive

If you are traveling to a country that speaks English, you’ll likely be able to get by with just your driver’s license. However, many countries will require you to get an International Driving Permit – which can prove to be rather difficult if you’re trying to book <a href=”http://www.montecar.com/jordan/car-rental-in-amman”>car rentals in Jordan</a> for example. This is something you have to consider, especially since you may need to present this along with your driver’s license at the rental car counter.

The good news is that getting an IDP is actually fairly easy. You only need a valid driver’s license, two passport-sized photos of yourself, and a payment for the permit – which typically goes for $25.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

There’s a chance your insurance company will cover your rental car, but this also might not be an option. So, unless you have a credit card that covers rental cars, you will need to purchase insurance form the rental car company.

<a href=”http://montecar.com/”>Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC</a> recommends that you get the same international insurance coverage that you currently have. However, be aware that some companies may require additional coverage. Because laws tend to vary from country to country, be clear about where you are looking to travel. While your current insurance may cover you in the first country that you plan to visit, it may not cover you if you travel to another location for example.

Workflow Tips for Freelance Workers

Summary: Freelance workers operate a bit differently than those with traditional office jobs. Setting up a workflow that works best for you can help you stay on top of your game.

Freelance work is becoming increasingly popular. While traditional office jobs require employees to work at an office desk each day, freelance workers have a bit more flexibility. A video editor, for example, really only needs a strong computer to work. Taking that into consideration, a video editor can work nearly anywhere. Some workflow techniques can help you work better.

Dedicated Office

When a good portion of your work is spent working at home you should consider investing in a dedicated office. Getting in the flow of your work and being able to concentrate for hours at a time can make a huge difference in the quality of work you produce and how efficiently you are able to operate.

Sectioning off a place in your house that you can dedicate as a working spot can do wonders for your workflow. Studies have shown that having a space that you only use for one purpose can help train your mind to get in the right mentality for that specific activity. For instance, only using your bedroom for sleeping can help you calm your mind right before you go to bed. Similarly, having an office that you use only for working can help you get in the proper working mentality.

Change of Scenery

A different approach you could take is working in different environments. If you are the type of person who needs fresh air then giving yourself a change of scenery can help keep things interesting. Rather than working in your house every day of the week, you can find a cafe or library where you can work for the day.

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Top Online Resources for Real Estate Management

Summary: There are a number of online tools you can take advantage of to make it easier to track all of the details for your real estate properties.

The advancement of the internet has made it significantly easier to keep track of information. In the past, if you wanted to learn more about an industry, you would have to read about it in a book, take a course on it, or get in contact with someone who is familiar with it. Through the power of the internet you can learn all about the topic with a simple search. Online services can also help you start a website, market a product, and get in touch with potential customers.

Real estate is a complicated industry with a lot of moving parts. If you own properties you can take advantage of some online resources to make your life much easier.

Market Analysis

A large portion of investing in a house involves research. To make a sound investment you need to understand the market, such as how much neighboring houses go for, how prices have changed over the years, and how the market is expected to change in both the short-term and long-term. There are websites you can use to easily explore different areas to get a feel for the real estate climate. The more information you have on the house, the more educated your purchase will be.

Centralized Documents

Another useful tool you can use to help manage your properties is a cloud service for your documents. You can upload official documents, type up notes, and create spreadsheets to organize the important details for each house. If something happens to your computer or you are out of the house, you will still have access to your documents wherever you have an internet connection.

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