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How to Transition to a Short Term Management Service Efficiently

According to Lyle Charles Consulting, a firm specializing in nearly every kind of commercial or residential construction project, what sinks construction crews is an inability to manage every possible scenario. No matter how much experience you have as a contractor, you’re never prepared for a surprise claim or someone quitting on the spot. With this advice from a trusted name in construction consulting, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge head on.

Cover for Key Personnel

You’re officially in crisis mode when the project stakeholders aren’t around to finish the work they started. You’ll need interim short term management services to cover for those individuals. Before you hire someone to fill that role, prepare an itemized agenda of what needs to be done. Odds are good that whoever you hire will have a working knowledge of your project, but you should put every effort into bringing this person up to speed.

If Legal Action is Taken

Private mediation can save your business a ton of cash in the event of losing a judgment. If you appear before a judge and jury, their ruling is final and typically one sided. Mediation offers the same finality with a ruling that is more mutually beneficial for everyone involved. If you are facing legal action, try mediation before going to court. If neither of you can agree, seeing a judge is always an option.

Final Tips

Short term management is only meant to fill a void, so begin interviewing qualified candidates as soon as you notice a vacancy (either due to injury or quitting). You can also retain the advice of an industry vet like Lyle Charles if you need assistance finding the right candidate to fit the work you need.

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