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5 Things entrepreneurs should never say to journalists

bebetteratbusinessEntrepreneurs should be careful what they reveal to journalists since what you say can be immortalized in print. Although the press is useful for a startup, they should be used effectively and correctly to move your business forward. Here are 5 things entrepreneurs should never say to journalists.

‘I’ll pay you to write it.’ – It is best not to approach a journalist with these words. Since most journalists will only write a story if they believe that it is interesting to them. Therefore, find a journalist that will appreciate your story and will offer your decent media coverage.

‘I must review it before you publish.’ – It is important to note that once the interview has ended, you will not have control of the outcome. The journalist will always write a story from their perspective and you have no right to review the article before it goes to print.

‘Can you hold, please?’ or, Sorry, let’s do it another day.’ – Journalists will not like to be told that you will call them back. This is mainly because a journalist has limited time and often have stressful schedules. Therefore, when a journalist approaches you for an interview, do not let the opportunity slip.

‘Is this is off the record?’ – If you are going to answer a question that you don’t want on the record, say it before you answer.

‘You didn’t include me in your article.’ – Not every interview will go into print, therefore you may be left out of a story. However, this is part of the process, it is best to think twice about interviewing with that journalist rather than asking why you weren’t included in the article.

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