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Building a Project Team

Summary: It is important to assemble a good project team. When building the team, ensure that the team has the right mix of skills, provide them with goals, and assign roles to avoid any confusion. In addition, encourage them to ask questions.

A good quality project team is an asset and will ensure that your project is completed as per plan with little delays. Here are a few tips on how you should build a successful project team.

Selecting your team – Look at project team members that are qualified, experienced and those that possess the correct skills for your specific project. Ensuring your team includes a mixture of skills, abilities, and personalities is key to creating a balanced team. Project members should also be skilled in working as a team cohesively.

Set the tone and the rules – After your team members are selected, schedule a meeting to identify who is leading the team and what role each team member will play. Look at providing the team with a set of goals and ask them to develop and present a plan on a set date.

Clear goals – The goals you set should be clear, achievable and always quantifiable. It is also important that goals of one individual do not clash with another’s.

Early goals – Early goals will increase morale and enthusiasm in a project. Look at settling easily-attainable goals that the whole team can work at achieving. Early successes will help the team bond and help them work harder on long term goals.

Communication – Let the team know that communication is key and give your team the chance to ask questions freely.

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