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Tips to Open a Net Cafe Business

The Net Café went through a short period of obscurity, but seems to be on the rise again. While not the gaming-centric beast that it used to be for American audiences, the Internet café still acts as a place for locals to gather and use the Internet. It leads to interesting interactions, fun scenarios, and it can be  a profitable business. Before you get started, read these tips.

Use Rentals to Launch

Before you can accurately anticipate demand for your business, use computer rentals. Why pay for a dozen high-powered PCs when you can pay a fraction of the cost for a computer rental in Santa Ana? Your community might not need that power, they may require a place to hang out and check email or write. Before you sink money into building a high-end net café, figure out if your customer base even wants one.

Sell More than WiFi

People aren’t going to come for your WiFi when there is a McDonald’s down the street offering free WiFi. You need something else to hook them. You could offer a laptop rental from Santa Ana, some baked goods, drinks or access to specialty software.

If you offered a laptop rental from Anaheim to someone looking to do video or audio editing, for example, your space becomes a lot more attractive. You can take that one step further and offer a podcasting space, with a soundproofed and neat-looking interior.


You won’t get many customers if you don’t put some effort into things like your Yelp page, your home page and your search results. Do a bit of SEO work, pay attention to your reputation online, and actively engage customers via social media.
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