How Private Mediation is Beneficial to Construction Claims

Summary: Private mediation has become increasingly popular throughout the years. It’s effective and both parties may come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Construction projects are massive undertakings that take years to complete and thousands of workers to get the job done. In the construction industry, smart conflict resolution remains a point of emphasis because it helps maintain relationships between both the workforce and ownership.

In addition to building and keeping strong relationships, all parties are recommended to have a good working rapport with one another.

The Frequency of Disputes

Disputes are a common occurrence in the construction industry. Private mediation is one of the many confliction resolution methods utilized to minimize both time and money – as opposed to litigation. Mediation is also appealing because a neutral entity comes into play. This negates any favoritism or one-sided arguments from ruining negotiations.

How Does Mediation Solve Cases?

Mediation is a type of dispute resolution process that occurs behind closed doors with both parties involved. The neutral legal advisor, the mediator, negotiates a settlement that is mutually beneficial to both sides. The mediator also has no interest in the outcome and is trained to facilitate a settlement. For example, Lyle Charles from Lyle Charles Consulting, is a professional mediator that works towards the common goal of taking evidence from both sides and coming to an agreement where both parties can essentially shake hands.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is often considered faster and costs less money than arbitration or litigation. These cases may take as little as a day. When compared to an actual court trial, this is nothing. The advantage of mediation is important because conflict resolution can pave the way for cooperation between both parties without burning bridges.