How Schedules Can Analyze Construction Delays

Summary: Optimal construction schedules can affect whether a construction project will be delayed or run into various issues.

Construction contracts normally include an array of scheduling requirements. Due to the availability of more powerful scheduling software, the scheduling process has become more complex throughout the years.

A well thought out schedule is a critical tool for coordinating project work around the worksite. Moreover, it can also be used in determining when construction project resources will be needed. Lastly, if a construction delay occurs, a well-designed schedule can be the basis for analyzing what events can impact the completion of a construction project.

The Basic Concepts of a Schedule

The nature of construction schedule may depend on the cost of the project. As the cost of the construction project begins to increase, the owner’s may demand a schedule that is based on a critical path method network.

Utilizing a bar chart can help indicate when certain construction activities will start, their duration and finish date. It can also plot a time scale for all parties to refer to if needed. Since each activity on a bar chart is depicted as a solid line on the schedule, a bar chart is fairly easy to understand and may not require additional help from outside sources. However, a bar chart does not indicate the interrelationship between each activity nor does it indicate that the commencement of a certain activity is dependent on the completion of a previous activity.

How Project Specifications Can Affect Delays

In nearly every construction contract, time is one of the key components to a successful project. Since timely completion is almost always emphasized, contracts will likely include some type of scheduling requirement and the help of an expert who specializes in construction claim analysis.

On bigger projects, the specifications may require that the schedule is more resource loaded. Meaning, the schedule must indicate a variety of factors such as resources and costs necessary to perform each type of activity. Moreover, the contractor may be required to separate each activity and assign them to specific resources such as materials, labor, and equipment.

A skilled construction expert such as Lyle Charles for example, can provide insight on how to create optimal schedules that can help a construction project flow smoothly and with minimal delays. However, it is important to remember that construction delays are fairly common and even if you hire a professional, there are no guarantees that delays will be avoided at all costs.