Time Impact Analysis

Written by Lyle Charles

A Time impact analysis will help to understand the extent of the delay in the construction process. A Time impact analysis is conducted to help with the negotiation process or with delay claims. If done once a delay claim occurs, this will be part of the company’s construction claims analysis process. The analysis is done by examining current schedules and including the inputs that have a bearing on the schedule.

Request a time impact analysis from the company’s construction claims consultant or the claim management team. The analysis will add activities indicating delays or changes to a schedule representing progress. The goal of the analysis is to understand the impact caused by a single event or a series of events and how this event(s) affected the project schedule.

This analysis is a tool and can also be used to adjust contracts as the project is in progress. It is best to provide the time impact analysis after completion to the contractor, to avoid the contractor presenting a different analysis that may leave room for a claim. This technique can also be useful to understand the extensions that can be granted to contractors after an excusable risk has occurred.

However, this type of analysis should be avoided if the actual project schedules have not been updated. A time impact analysis in this instance will provide inaccurate results that do not represent real project data.


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