How to Transition to a Short Term Management Service Efficiently

According to Lyle Charles Consulting, a firm specializing in nearly every kind of commercial or residential construction project, what sinks construction crews is an inability to manage every possible scenario. No matter how much experience you have as a contractor, you’re never prepared for a surprise claim or someone quitting on the spot. With this advice from a trusted name in construction consulting, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge head on.

Cover for Key Personnel

You’re officially in crisis mode when the project stakeholders aren’t around to finish the work they started. You’ll need interim short term management services to cover for those individuals. Before you hire someone to fill that role, prepare an itemized agenda of what needs to be done. Odds are good that whoever you hire will have a working knowledge of your project, but you should put every effort into bringing this person up to speed.

If Legal Action is Taken

Private mediation can save your business a ton of cash in the event of losing a judgment. If you appear before a judge and jury, their ruling is final and typically one sided. Mediation offers the same finality with a ruling that is more mutually beneficial for everyone involved. If you are facing legal action, try mediation before going to court. If neither of you can agree, seeing a judge is always an option.

Final Tips

Short term management is only meant to fill a void, so begin interviewing qualified candidates as soon as you notice a vacancy (either due to injury or quitting). You can also retain the advice of an industry vet like Lyle Charles if you need assistance finding the right candidate to fit the work you need.

Tips on Becoming an Effective Young Leader

Effective Young LeaderAge shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to the success of a business or company.

If you believe that your age is a setback to becoming a great leader, then you’ve already lost half the battle.

There are numerous young leaders that are finding success way beyond their years. They’re molded into a great leader through their successes and their failures. Every leader must go through these life pains, and only through these events can there be a better sense of clarity. Here are some points that you can emphasize in your workplace to make you stand out.

Promote Communication

“Talented people want to learn,” says Richard Davis, Chief Financial Officer of Rogers & Cowan, “they want to be trained, coached, listened to, and most importantly, they come to work happy and ready to do their very best every day.”

Do more listening than talking. If you maintain a strong social presence with your team, they’ll be more likely, and more willing, to communicate with you on an active basis. This could be something simple as to drop by their desk every now and then and making sure they’re doing alright. You’re their go-to when it comes to the company. If you want your company to succeed, then you’re going to have to create that sense of success in the environment.

Development is Crucial

As a young leader, you may reach a point where certain individuals are flourishing more than others, climbing the ranks to where there’s nothing more that you can teach them. It’s important to not to let your own fear of job security get in the way developing your team. In the long run, it can be detrimental to your company’s success.

The Importance of Screening Potential Candidates

Tenant Screening Services, LLC

As the owner of a newly created business, or company, one of the main components that you’re going to need to take care of is the hiring process. The truth is, as soon as you advertise that you need a qualified team, you’re more than likely going to receive an influx of applicants.

While taking a look at someone’s resume will give you an idea of their former work experience as well as their capabilities, there is another step that you’re going to need to take for security purposes.


By screening your applicants, you’ll receive a set of information that contains their criminal records, convictions, and their descriptions. In order to keep your company safe from potential frauds or criminals, you’re going to need to make good judgment on whether you believe they will be a valuable asset to your team. There are various ways that you can screen your applicants, one being through an instant criminal background check online.

Reasons Why You Should Use Background Checks

Often times, individuals are apt to hiding certain aspects of their past in order for them to look respectable in the eyes of a recruiter. Many of these traits can be noticed during a face-to-face conversation but other things will only come out through utilizing one of the many employment background check services.

Conducting background checks on your prospects aren’t an option anymore in the recruiting field. It’s become a necessity to find the most qualified candidate that there is, and provide them to that company.

If you’re a recruiter, then you’re familiar with the notion that the prospective candidate that you show to the HR manager is a representative of you. Find the right candidate that has all of all the qualifications. Then screen them to validate all of their experience and credentials listed. Finally, be sure that your candidate doesn’t have a past criminal record – although this lies in a “grey” area as you shouldn’t write them off based on their criminal record alone. By doing these steps, you’ll provide top-notch employees for that company and prove that you can recruit confidently.

So, if you’re looking for a way to verify that all of your candidates are matching up to what they say, then look into the many pre employment checks beforehand to save both time and money in the long run. Your candidate could be the “game changer” to that industry, and it’s all thanks to you.

The importance of scanning the links on your website

The importance of scanning the links on your websiteAs a web developer, I do a thorough scan of all links on all pages of any website I am developing as soon as it is complete. There is software such as Xenu’s link slueth which goes page by page link by link. You specify how many levels deep to scan. The end result is a long list of links and the status of all those links. I do this every for every single website, multiple times. Here is why:

Broken links

The impact of broken links on your website a twofold. Firstly, there are search engines. Search engines cannot index any pages if the links are broken. In addition any authority will not be passed onto those pages and that will affect your ranking in the search engines. The second is that visitors who find broken links are likely to leave your website. Most visitors have very little patience and will move on or go back to the search they came in with.

Hidden links

Many website developers use a CMS such as WordPress to design their websites. This can involve third party themes and plugins. While a lot of these can be innocent, there are known cases of plugins inserting links into pages. You will not know these links are there. From this they can either pass on page authority to sites of their choosing or potentially install malware to your visitors. If you use free plugins and themes, always scan your website after development is complete.

Web development tips to boost online sales


You might already know the impact that the design of your online store has on sales. Everything ranging from the landing page to the shopping cart is important. The simple design tips below could help you convert visitors into customers.

Make your shopping cart stand out

Every time customers add something to their cart, you can bet that they would instinctively want to check whether the items has been successfully registered. Seeing the shopping cart and its items on each page could help the customer in making their mind about checking out. Making use of contrasting colors could be a great way to make the cart stand out.

Optimize the “add-to-cart” buttons

Your “add-to-cart” button should be explicit about the call to action it infers. Customers respond positively to more direct calls to action such as “Buy it Now”. If your “add-to-cart” button says “More information” or “Learn more”, then chances are that your customers would feel that buying from your site is not so easy. Colors such as blue and green are more gentle and are positively perceived by customers as opposed to red or orange.

Keep your product page clean

You might feel tempted to add a lot of information on the page to guide the customer, but in fact, it is the noise produced by too much information that could drive the customer away. Customers usually seek an image of the product first, the price and then the product specifications. Product reviews and related items, although equally important, are better when placed at the bottom of the page.

The Important of a Checking a Tenant’s Credit Report

Renting out a property can be a lucrative opportunity for you. Not only is it a great secondary source of income, but if you hire a management company to take care of all of the work, you can basically sit back and enjoy the extra cash flow. One thing that is important to note though is that there is a chance you’ll come across some issues with your tenant’s monthly payments. It’s extremely common as financial emergencies do happen with people – but it’s obviously not acceptable if it’s a consistent pattern. If you want to minimize the chances that the latter would happen, it’s best that you run a credit check on each potential client and thoroughly review each detail. The two main priorities on an application that you should focus on are the criminal history and the credit report. Each one gives you an idea of how qualified your tenant is. There are multiple low cost tenant verification services available online, if you prefer to do it yourself. After receiving a pass from the tenant screening services company, you can focus on their credit. Since you set the bar for what their credit score should be in order for them to move in, you can designate a range in which their credit must fall in, in order for them to proceed with the application process. On a credit report, look for things like: late payments, bankruptcy issues, and debt. These figures are important because you’ll most likely get a sense of how their finances are as well as their ability to make payments on time. If you hire a property manager, you’re going to have to regularly pay them. If your tenants fall behind on rent, it’ll only put more financial stress on you especially when the costs of running the property begin to add up. High credit scores tend to be less a risky option for you. But don’t completely rely on the credit score itself. The number won’t indicate whether or not your tenants are going to cause trouble or get along with their neighbors. An application will only paint ¾ of the picture. It’s essential to run a credit check on an applicant. Not only will it verify their ability to pay on time, but also the fact that they’ll actually be able to afford your monthly rent. As a landlord, you need to take on the responsibility of managing your finances correctly and with a smooth-running operation; you’ll be able to enjoy the luxuries of owning real estate rather than stressing out.


Tenant Screening Services, LLC has been performing background checks for landlords and employers for more than 29 years. If you are in need of a landlord credit check, visit their website today for more information.

Philanthropy in Marketing and Sales

Philanthropy-in-Marketing-and-SalesWhen you incorporate philanthropy within your business, you end up with community partnering. This strategy can come with benefits to your marketing, leads, and productivity. Here are some creative ways that you can incorporate philanthropic activities into your business.


Partner up with a local school and provide them with coupons that can be passed out. It’s a win-win for you and the school because their club or class will receive a portion of the amount every time that the recipient of the coupon uses it at your store, and you get the exposure and sales.

Be in Touch with the Community

Hosting community dinners or seminars for the locals at your business can open up opportunities for possible partnerships as well as inquiries into what your company can offer them. Seminars can include topics that relate to community needs and ways to address them. Make sure you partner up with a respectable organization that is a known-figure in your area to get the most effective outcome.

Packaged Deals

If you are selling a product, you can propose a deal with community groups that involve a variety of your products being packaged together for them to sell. Again, they will benefit from the sales as well as you.

If the idea of profiting off of the community becomes the main reason why you are applying philanthropy to your strategy, then this is not for you. As a business you have the ability to maintain the well-being of your staff along with helping your neighborhood prosper.

Bio: Ferhan Patel, the Director of Global Risk and Compliance for Payza, is a Certified Financial Crime Specialist (CFCS), an Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Should you have a flashy website or a minimalist one?

Should-you-have-a-flashy-website-or-a-minimalist-oneIn the 21st century, having a website for your business should already be considered as a given. It’s important to keep up and make sure that you get maximum exposure when it comes to your business, product, and target market. To better understand this, imagine yourself being a fisherman. You catch fish, sell your catch in your village, but what next? If you want to sell your fish in the market where you can sell to more people, you’re going to need to find a way to get to that market and sell your fish while they’re still fresh. In effect, this is what the internet is to your and your business. It’s a tool or a medium to help you reach your customers and sell your products when there is still demand for it.

Your website allows you to have an online presence where you can sell to people outside your local community without them or you having to go out of town to sell or purchase goods. It’s effectively branching out without having to put up another physical store and hire more staff to handle your goods. All you need to do this is a good web design and hosting provider, an online shopping feature and you’re practically good to go. This means more customers and a wider market to sell to. Your website, if it can gain enough exposure, can become your single biggest driver of revenues and profits for your business. And that’s why you need to have a website.

Most people would say that less is more, while others are all for the flash and flair that would attract potential customers. If you are planning on setting up your own website for your business, you will definitely have to choose between these two styles for your website. If you have a web host provider that doubles as web designing, your decision would be significantly easier since you would have templates for you to work with.

Rather than having to conceptualize your website from scratch, you can browse through an extensive catalog that ranges from minimalist to flashy designs that you can choose that would best fit your website and the business that you’re into. The advantages of having a minimalist website are that you stick to the bare essentials wherein your website would be easy on the eyes to look at. Other than that, it would also be very easy to navigate since you wouldn’t have so much distractions all over your site.

People like to keep it simple, they don’t want to have to look for what they want. And as an owner of your own website, you need to make sure that you give your customers what you want. On the other hand, if you want something flashy, make it flashy enough to be attractive but not too much to seem desperate. The goal here is to attract as many customers as possible. And you will definitely be able to do it by choosing either option.

This article was provided by Web Design express provides WordPress based web design and ecommerce site design. They can do simple minimalist designs or complex flashy designs, whichever one you prefer.

Judge makes Yelp take down Review

Yelp-take-down-ReviewGuest post Provided by Reputation Stars

A Virginian’s Yelp review recently made it to the crime pages of the national dailies — few will be surprised to learn that it is not a legal first. Here’s the story. Jane Perez was not happy with the cosmetic repair work that Christopher Dietz carried out in her Fairfax, Virginia-home; she unloaded her unhappiness on Yelp and other review sites. There was no mincing of words.

Dietz’s business suffered and he sued Perez for $750,000 in damages, claiming Perez had defamed him. Perez said she stood by all the statements she made in her reviews concerning Dietz, but a judge ordered her to take down the parts of her reviews that Dietz took issue with. As it turns out, Perez had accused Dietz of doing shoddy work, and also, of stealing jewelry from her.

Lawyers are advising everyday online reviewers to think more carefully about the difference between opinion, which is protected by the First Amendment, and defamation, which is against the law. Needless to say, more and more businesses, and individuals, are seeking online reputation management services to deal with the impact of comments made about them on the Internet.

Even Perez got to experience the sting of a bad online reputation — Dietz’s response to her Yelp reviews were the first search result if her name was googled. She was not too happy about that, either.

The Myriad Advantages Of Email Marketing

Email MarketingGone are the days when the only way of buying of goods were malls and shops and you had to hop from one shop to another in order to get the product of your choice. People would sweat out in the heat in order to get the best deal and to save some penny. It is a fact that every individual is not wealthy enough to just purchase a good without considering its price. It is important that what we buy is within our budget so that no useless expenses are incurred. Nowadays people have the option of doing their shopping even online thereby saving not just time but a good deal of effort and money too.

This has boosted the business of email marketing considerably. It is mostly through emails that people are kept updated about what new products and services are lie in store for them. Email keeps the masses informed about new and unique products and services on the blocks. Hence every effort is taken to boost email marketing in the best way possible for prosperous growth.
Email Marketing Software is widely in use to enhance and boost this procedure. This has resulted in very positive results and good responses from viewers too. The installation and activation of this software is very easy and does not require much of skill and effort. Once installed you can be rest assured of a good marketing strategy which is certainly going to boost your online business.
Another important aspect that is increasingly gaining popularity is Newsletter templates. People involved in any kinds of business can well estimate its importance and those who are novice in this field must give it due consideration.

This article was submitted by Submit Express. Submit Express offers optin email advertising services, as well as search engine optimization, PPC advertising, online reputation management and social media marketing services. Visit their website and links provided to get more info.

Uncovering Individual Reputation Bombs

Article Submitted by Reputation Stars

The concepts of branding a business also apply to its executives. Metrics like content, past posts and current correspondence all define your executives and your brand. Here are tips to help you manage these posts and protect the reputation of your executives.


Digital Footprint

Every business, and its executives, is leaving a digital foot print behind every time a comment or statement is made online. This footprint can extend for many years, so there may be things in the past that can resurface as the company gains market share. Reputation management involves digging deep into the results that a search engine serves in search of those small PR gaffes. Go past page one and do individual searches for your executives by name to see what their history looks like. Identify items that need cleaning, and then develop a plan to work past those road blocks.

Thought Leaders

An executive can brand himself as a thought leader in the industry to try to gain some relevant exposure. Posting a well-researched study or a factual article can boost the credibility of the entire company. You can retain a copywriter to perform this service for you, or you can engineer a blog post of your own. Don’t get bogged down in day-to-day posts, try to keep your content relevant and hard hitting.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is a lot like a snowball, and if you don’t pay attention to it the problem can grow. Monitoring your brand with words like “scam” or “dispute” attached to the query may uncover individual blog posts or social media posts where customers are calling you out on perceived poor service. Find these disputes and reach out to these customers privately to resolve them.

This article was submitted by Reputation Stars. Reputation Stars provides reputation management services, including ripoff report removal and Yelp Review Repair If you have any issues with reputation management, visit their website.

Why it is crucial to have real time updates on your website

Why it is crucial to have real time updates on your websiteHaving a website for your business means that you should be adaptive and responsive to your market. Setting it up and making it is one thing, maintaining your website is another. You need to have a good team of people to look after your website if you want to keep it relevant and downright important. One thing that drives people away from websites is the fact that its content is not regularly updated. Answer this, why would you want to visit a site that is only updated once a month? Would you even bother visiting it everyday when you already know for a fact what you are going to see? Constant updates is key to maintaining a relevant and effective website.

And we’re not just talking about random updates here, we’re talking about something that will entice and attract your customers as well. Give them something to be curious about so they would stay longer. It can be in the form of articles, links, tips, or new products that you are selling as well. Put a new twist into something that’s old so you can give it a new lease on life. That’s how you can survive online, and that’s how you can spark the interest of your customers as well to keep them coming back for more. Don’t settle for something boring and dull, you can make your website interactive as well by allowing your customers to post comments so you can get some insight on what they want or what they’re looking for.